This is a letter to anybody that is stressed, worked up, in trouble, in pain and in failure or just.. in stagnation. I am not an expert in dealing with any of the above mentioned. I am however highly motivated right now and would like to transfer this motivation as effectively as possible in a piece of literature so that people an revisit it to part take in motivation.

Dear Person,


This too shall pass. But for that, you need to let it pass. As much as wallowing in self pity makes you feel comforted, prolonging the matter will be of little use. Whatever it is that is troubling you, you need to forget it. Even if it is glaringly obvious. Forget it so that you can work on it. Sit down. Take a book. Make notes of your problems. Make notes on how they are affecting you. Pick the trivial ones one by one. ‘Would this affect me in a year?’ If the answer is yes, chances are, there is no use excessively fretting over it. ACCEPTANCE that you have been faced with a dilemma is the first step. The next step? Google solutions. Find people with same issues. Realise you are not alone. Work towards eradicating the problem. It may take years to solve it and it may still leave scars. It may lead to many failures but put your heart in it and go at it again and again and one day, sweet victory will be yours. maybe after failing ten times or 100 times but it will. be. yours.


The people who have an amazing life just winning more? Some people living their lives in the #blessed manner? And no matter how much you convince yourself that they have problems too, your jealous heart says Why am I not winning? Why am I still struggling?

Buckle up and beat them down. Yes, your humble self is letting them breeze through life while you value your nice values and wallow in self pity but here is some advice: Be Ruthless In Winning. Work. Work. Work. I hate working as much as you do. I read motivational posts and forget it as easily. But here is a thing I gotta change and you too. Work. See that person surging ahead of you? Stop saying “Good for them.” Pick your lazy self up and make sure you have lived a life worth living. Make mediocrity your enemy. Detest it. Suffering while working hard? Suffer. I don’t care as long are you Work to be ahead. Work to win. Not survive.


Remember that people behind memes may be hilarious but they belong to the Mediocre bunch. Just like you and I right now. And we Detest Mediocrity and need to work away from it. Maybe real life isn’t as entertaining as dear ol’ internet but make yourself too busy for the triviality of the cyber world. Work your way up and look down on it. It will entice you and make you trifle your time. But one strong moment of grit and determination and you are on step up the ladder that overlooks the whole world of networking. Be beyond the Internet. Maybe the world seems dull for a while but within a couple years it will pay you back ten fold. Ten years later, log onto the internet as an equal to your celebrities. Don’t still be a mediocre person that let their whole life flow past on the internet.


Allow your self to be Motivated. So you saw a motivational video. And you thought it was just dumb to shut down everything immediately and start your homework. Why did you do this? Because you have seen this happen before. The motivation lasts only a day. So what if the motivation lasts a few hours? The issue for the hours later can be dealt with at that moment. Living in the moment, thinking for the moment, know that it is your duty to be doing something. Motivation is just a privilege. Work needs to be done whenever it needs to be done. If one isn’t motivated, you don’t have a little privilege that doesn’t stop you from having to do the work. Belittle the value that motivation has in your everyday routine. Keep going without it. It will find its way back. (Again, don’t apply this if this is not how your mind works)

One key sentence of advice: Self Pity will beat up your will to work and eventually your road to victory. The moment self pity enters your mind, banish it because without it, the world is brighter. The path is lighter and the means are easier.

Work for victory. Work to transcend mediocrity. Work to look down upon the nuances of the world and know that you’ve conquered it.


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